Software solutions for smart building automation and facilities management

Serious about the profitability of your operations? We have the solutions.

Facilities' management the easy way for buildings, data centres, facilities, campuses, regional, national and international operations.

Driving down operational expenditure with unlimited possibilities and modular solutions.

One of the world's easiest system to learn and use. Especially non-technical staff are catered for by our simple graphic user interfaces.

If you own buildings and want to know what the technical staff are talking about, and see the systems, then you have arrived at the perfect destination.

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Integrated systems and vertically integrated software systems. What are they?

"Integrated systems", are monitored and controlled through a single software system where all the control interfaces used by the various systems have the same look and feel, making them easier to learn and use effectively.

"Vertically integrated software systems", allow staff at all levels to benefit by having relevant useful access to the same systems. Their access to the systems is controlled by user rights that are configurable based on their job descriptions. These systems that can be appropriately utilised by all staff, even staff with little technical exposure, ensuring enhanced productivity, reliability and profitability. True empowerment.

iBMS Adrenaline and Mobile is exactly such a system.

Our Products

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The real-time automation, control, monitoring and Facilities' Management system integrated into one simple operational system.
Systems covered include SCADA, Fire, Security, HVAC, Electrical Demand-side power management and process control.

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iBMS Mobile is an extension of the iESCAMS and iBMS Adrenaline systems that allows full control and monitoring via a mobile application. Real-time situational awareness at your fingertips.

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iESCAMS is the ultimate solution for Fire Departments, Emergency Services and Disaster Management.
The only solution when lives are at stake.

Compatible with iBMS Adrenaline and iBMS Mobile.

For a brief introduction to the iBMS system, please see our YouTube video.

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The benefits of our key products

Real value for money can only be delivered by systems that are easy to learn and use (even by non-technical personnel). In addition, they must be real-time systems that impart proper situational awareness to all the users. These simple tenets are the drivers that increase efficiencies and drive down costs.
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Latest Scansoft Articles

Building ownership and Facilities Management post Covid-19

The loss of revenue due to tenants not being able to trade during lockdown, coupled with the loss of tenants who have been forced to close their business due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, heralds the dawn of a new approach to the monitoring, control, maintenance and management of buildings and facilities.
To take the view that once the economy recovers it will be business as usual would be fatal, as it is not going to be the same again after Covid-19. In fact, history does repeat itself, and an ounce of prevention will certainly be better than a pound of cure!
In large commercial buildings, some space may have to be converted to residential space to ensure full occupation as a solution, becoming mixed use buildings.
The way facilities management is to be modernised, is also going to be the key to operating at more cost effective levels. Effective cost management will be determined by the efficient use and sharing of information, utilising a distributed model rather than a centralised one. Scansoft Technologies has been working on this new operational technology to meet the challenges for legacy and new buildings, even before the advent of Covid-19, by means of their unique iBMS Adrenaline and iBMS Mobile solutions.
The iBMS Adrenaline and iBMS Mobile software system will reduce operating costs and ensure a more effective use of resources, while at the same time reducing the business continuity risk that has escalated, leaving building owners and facilities management companies even more exposed.